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Wayne County Death Called Homicide | News

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Wayne County Death Called Homicide

A woman was found shot to death inside her own home and police are calling the case a homicide.

The homeowner claims it was a botched robbery that left his wife dead but police are still searching for answers."When he walked into his house approximately 9:15 a.m. he was attacked from the rear and left to be unconscious. He stated when he woke up, he ran to a neighbors house, called state police," said Lieutenant Mark Lavelle of Pennsylvania State Police.

Police aren't releasing many details, but they said they have recovered the gun used in the homicide, and they believe it belongs to the homeowner.

State police were called to the house Sunday morning after what the homeowner said was an attempted robbery.

Robert Jufer claims he was attacked from behind when he walked into his house. He told investigators after getting knocked unconscious, he came to and ran next door to call police.

When police arrived they found Jufer's wife, 68-year-old June Jufer, dead inside the house.

Autopsy reports said she died from a single gunshot to the head.

Neighbors said the couple was retired.

"They always seem to be quiet and kept to themselves, as far as I know," said neighbor Jason Litzenbauer. He lives in Cherry Ridge Township and said burglaries in the area always seem to go hand in hand with economic struggles. "I care take for some properties north of Honesdale, and a couple years back when the economy slumped we had the same problem. There were a lot of break-ins and stuff back then."

State police would not say if there are any suspects at this time, but they did not rule out Robert Jufer as a potential suspect, saying only that the investigation continues.

Investigators believe they know who owned the murder weapon.

"We run everything but it probably belongs to Mr. Jufer," said Lt. Lavelle.

Residents are still shocked to hear about all the activity within the community.

The investigation into the homicide continues. Anyone with information about the homicide is asked to call state police at 1-866-672-7135.


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